Press Release: For Immediate Release

Dollard Whalin LLP Criminal

Defense Attorneys Trampas A. Whalin and Christopher J. Evans completed a 2-day Jury Trial on January 15 and January 16.  Our client was charged with 14 felonies (7 counts of Forgery and 7 Counts of Prescription Fraud), and 1 misdemeanor charge (Theft).  Shortly prior to trial, the State of Indiana agreed to dismiss 12 of those Felony charges, and the parties proceeded to trial on 2 Felony charges, and 1 Misdemeanor charge.  

This was a particularly interesting case because it was a case where our attorneys represented our client prior to being charged with an offense, throughout the charging process, pretrial conferences, and through completion at Jury Trial.  Our client maintained innocence from beginning to end.   At the conclusion of the two-day jury trial, the Jury spent approximately 30 minutes before coming back with a Not Guilty verdict.  

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